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In a meeting with Chairman of Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council:

President pleased with democratic election in Iraq

President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that he was pleased with successful general election in Iraq indicating democracy has been institutionalized in Iraq.

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Sun 18 - May 2014 - 18:39

Speaking to Chairman of Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud in Tehran, President Rouhani said that Iranian government and nation are happy with the successful general election held in Iraq, adding that the elections showed that democracy has taken shape in Iraq.
ˈWe are happy that when terrorists wanted to portray Iraq as insecure, the people and government of Iraq took a courageous step and stood up to the ill-wishers and enemies, showing that will not heed the threats.ˈ
The president expressed deep concern about terrorism which has turned into a broad problem for the region and said that all nations and governments should join hands to institutionalize stability and security in the region and not to allow their enemies, who try to portray terrorism as an outcome of ethnic differences, to do their vicious goal by massacre of innocent men, women and children in terrorist operations.
He said terrorist operations in the region and nationsˈ confrontation with them is in fact a war between supporters of peace and terrorists.
He added that people and nations of the region, representing various ethnic groups and religions, have led peaceful co-existence for centuries and enemies should not be allowed to turn activities of terrorists in the region into historic wars and discord.
Dr.Rouhani hoped that the new Iraqi government would work to enhance level of relations between the two countries to be more sincerely than the past and the cooperation would be more diversified and more extensive.
The president hoped that visits of the senior officials, including visit of the Iraqi top judiciary official, will give an impetus to bilateral relations and cooperation.
Al-Mahmoud for his part thanked Iranian president for congratulating his country on the democratic elections and said that the Iraqi nation welcomes the positive role Iran played to secure peace, stability and security of the region.
He pointed to failure of terrorists to prevent parliamentary elections in Iraq and said that recent elections give a clear testimony of the resolve of the Iraqi people to establish democracy without sacrificing religious values and showed that there is no contradiction between Islam and democracy.
President’s special aide Hossein Fereydoun, Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and Iraqi Ambassador to Tehran and the accompanying delegation were present in the meeting.

news id: 77557

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