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In a meeting with a group of aid workers:

President calls for serving mankind

President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday called for serving mankind and addressing needs of the needy.

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Tue 13 - May 2014 - 15:28

President made the remark in a speech to a group of aid workers on the auspicious birth anniversary of Hazrat Ali (AS) the first Imam of Shiites.
The president said he is fully hopeful of the country’s future. ˈOur nation is not scared of problems but its worth to mention one point; We should be careful of the way we are going to choose and the job we are going to do.ˈ
He, however, cautioned the audience against attempts by certain people, who are standing in the margin with efforts to dissuade the nation from its right path.
ˈLet’s not allow a group of people to divert the nation from its path with (false) mottos.ˈ
Elsewhere in his remarks, President Rouhani said the country will not attain independence and glory through false slogans and controversies.
He then promised curbing staggering inflation, job creation and ending recession, while encouraging economy vibrancy.

news id: 77473

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