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President’s speech in a ceremony held to celebrate the national Teachers Day:

Universities should focus on solving country's problems

President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday,Iranian universities should focus on solving country's problem.

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Sun 04 - May 2014 - 17:29

Addressing a ceremony held to celebrate the national Teachers Day, President Rouhani noted that Iran is committed to expand relations with the international community and resolve problems through dialogue.ˈThe government will not spare any efforts to remove illegal anti-Iranian sanctions, ˈ the President stated.
He stressed that the Iranian universities should help speed up the country’s scientific progress by taking a practical, critical approach in all fields of science.
President Rouhani underlined that nobody has the right to prevent critics from expressing their ideas even if it is against the government.
Dr.Rouhani believed that in today’s world, “teaching students the true and accurate methods of studying should define the function of a professor or mentor, and teaching method to students is key to learning; as an individual who has been teaching for years, I believe that our universities should abandon unnecessary emphasis on ‘degree’ as sole criterion of and test of knowledge.”
President Rouhani also believed that universities should focus mainly on research. “Our education system requires drastic reforms so that it could be effective in producing wealth, adding to national power, and improving quality of public life,” he asserted.
“We should feel that there is something wrong and disturbing in the system for any reform, to implement of what I invest much hope on you as teachers,” Dr.Rouhani said.
President said that the government saw the sanctions as ‘a great injustice and a bane for the nation.’
“However, some parties in the country would welcome sanctions as boon for their partisan interests. They do not know what sanctions mean for the economy; it means that we could not export or import goods, or have to pay multiple times as much as the original price for a certain good,” Dr.Rouhani told the meeting.
“Sanctions meant, for our academic centers, deprivation of our professor from worlds prestigious academic institutions services and contacts; these specific parties even are disturbed when a professor speak to their colleagues overseas in a, say, foreign universities,” Dr.Rouhani asserted.
Dr.Rouhani believed that professors would have no secret information to act as a spy for foreigners. I would tell them let us restore confidence on the country’s professors and academicians; let come and let them find contacts in order to learn more; let them go forward;” he said.
More in the ceremony, President Rouhani honored several top university professors for their scientific achievements.

news id: 77234

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