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President in a live TV interview:

Iran is ready to negotiate with the world logically

President Hassan Rouhani, in a live interview with the Iranian TV on Tuesday night said Iran is ready to negotiate with the world logically.

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Wed 30 - April 2014 - 09:56

President said that his government follows policy of reconciliation in both domestic and foreign policy.
Concerning foreign policy, Dr.Rouhani said that his government had taken big steps in this field and other steps should be taken firmly, steadily and carefully.
ˈSanctions were a big cruelty to our people, and our nation as well as the world lost because of it, ˈ Dr.Rouhani said.
On nuclear talks between Iran and Group 5+1, President Rouhani said that good steps had been taken to reach the final agreement.
He added that the process will end sanctions and we will take other steps carefully.
The president said our nation’s rights are the red line of Iran in the nuclear talks and we do not ignore these rights.
He went on to say if the other side moves in direction of international laws and regulations and maintaining Iraniansˈ rights, negotiation can come to a result.
President Rouhani said that our aim in domestic as well as foreign policy is reconciliation, adding that nowadays our relations with the world are better than past.
Among neighbors, we witness a good development in relations with Russia both politically and economically.
For non-neighboring countries, we are going to witness a good development in the upcoming months in ties with China.
Our situation with the US had been and is a difficult one and our problems cannot be solved soon.
Concerning relations with the Saudi Arabia, President Rouhani said that Saudi Arabia is not an obstacle and we have no problems with them.
ˈTheir problem is regional and we hope that they touch the situation in the region and understand that the best way for the region is peace and brotherhood and kicking out the terrorists from the region.ˈ

news id: 77147

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