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President in a meeting with a group of the senior judiciary officials:

Judiciary can win public trust by adequate administration of justice

President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that adequate administration of justice by the Judiciary will raise the public trust for both the Judiciary and the Islamic Republic.

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Tue 08 - April 2014 - 16:24

Addressing a group of the senior judiciary officials, President Rouhani said the Judiciary enjoys a very important position in the society, so that the people go to the court of justice to vindicate their rights.
He said that the adequate administration of justice bolsters public trust, a pre-requisite for investment and economic development of the country.
“In fact, the Judiciary is responsible for the justice security.”
The president said that if people got a sense that the Judiciary abides by the law and justice, they will be hopeful about their own future and that of their children.

news id: 76549

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