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President in the opening session of the 9th meeting of PUIC:

Islamic world is in need of a developing theory to make changes

President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that the Islamic world is in dire need of a developing theory to make changes.

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Tue 18 - February 2014 - 13:05

The President made the remarks in his address to the opening session of the 9th meeting of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Member States (PUIC).
He said that the meeting of the Islamic states parliamentary union is a chance to move towards a more moderate world.
ˈThe PUIC meeting is an opportunity to have mutual understanding, become familiar with issues of the Islamic world, making decisions and move towards a world which is more moderate, more developed and safer for all Muslims,ˈ said the President.
He added that the meeting is also a valuable chance to express views and enjoy interaction in both theoretical and practical fields.ˈ
President Rouhani noted that capacities of Muslims states have not been used fully and properly despite their rich natural, geographical and human resources.
Due to the great economic and geopolitical resources they have, Muslims should find their proper status among other nations and faiths, President Rouhani stressed.
He added Muslims are currently facing major challenges including security and economic crises, lack of social order and the 60-year-old problem of Palestine and the new political crisis in Syria.
He said according to the Islamic teachings, people’s interest should be the first priority of each nation.
He stressed that all world Muslims should enjoy identical status and pay due attention to sciences and knowledge.
ˈThrough our behaviors, we can invite all nations to Islam. We should strive to reach brotherhood, mutual understanding, coexistence and tolerance and find urgent solutions to the existing problems, ˈ the President added.
He stressed that ˈas the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, I consider in my decisions political and security interests of all Islamic countries, the neighboring states in particular.ˈ
President has called on Muslim nations to remain united and counter the unprecedented threats that they face.
He warned that the ‘multifaceted’ threats will in the long run affect all Muslims unless they deal with it promptly.
He noted that Iran has proposed a resolution on a global confrontation with violence and extremism, which has been approved in the United Nations General Assembly.
President also referred to the plight of the Syrian refugees as well as the Israeli aggression against Palestinians, noting that the Muslim world needs unity and solidarity to tackle these challenges.
Dr.Rouhani further said that the Zionist regime of Israel benefits more than anyone else from the current crises in the Muslim world.
President Rouhani condemned the use of violence and extremism against Muslims in the name of fighting terrorism.
President called on Muslim nations to adhere to and put into practice Islamic teachings in order to deal with the wide-scale problems they face.
The two-day meeting began in the Iranian capital this morning with participation of some 28 parliament speakers from the OIC member states.

news id: 75100

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