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President in a TV interview:

Big steps in foreign policy indebted to people

Big steps have been taken in country’s foreign policy and they are, of course, indebted to the people’s presence, selflessness, and epical contributions, said President Hassan Rouhani in a late Wednesday night TV interview.

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“A new atmosphere has been opened and this is what the people have achieved. The new gate that they opened towards the nations and the governments, the constructive interactions the demanded in their mottoes, led to the great evolution that we are witnesses to in foreign relations,” he said.
President Rouhani said that on the one hand with the neighbors, and on the other hand with the big world powers a great evolution has taken place and this is the grandeur of our nation and our constructive interactions that have managed to create these new conditions for this country.
“I would like to inform the dear nation that thanks God; our relations with our neighbors keep improving on a daily basis. We have talked in details almost with all our neighbors, and in some cases the conditions have called for the establishment of closer relations with some neighbors,” said Dr.Rouhani.
“We had meetings with the heads of many of those countries. Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia, and among them, and recently the Turkish prime minister visited Tehran. We have had detailed negotiations on economic relations and other issued that the world and regional courtiers talks about,” said the president.
President Rouhani said that the Iraqi prime minister came to Tehran a while ago and had detailed talks, including on revival of Arvand Roud (border river), which will lead to the revival of Abadan and Khorramshahr (cities in Iran) and Basra (in Iraq). “We talked about the fine dust air pollution and our bilateral relations with Iraq during that visit.”
The president also referred to the relations with some southern littoral states of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, including the UAE and Oman, and their high ranking officials’ visits of Tehran.
“In UN New York Headquarters I had a meeting with Pakistan’s prime minister and he is interested in visiting Iran in a convenient future opportunity,” he added.
The president of Afghanistan has visited Iran twice, and the two countries are planning for signing a long term agreement, he said, arguing that similarly, with the Russian president, as a major neighbor of the country, “we have had both phone talks and personal interactions on very important issues, and in the future, too, Iran-Russia relations will expand greatly.”
On the nuclear issue and the sanctions, Dr.Rouhani said that the Joint Plan of Action based on Geneva deal, is the result of our agreement with major world powers in the first step to recognize the Iranian nation’s rights prestigiously.
“We are witnesses to the breaking of the chain of unjustly imposed sanctions today, which were in place against our society due to economic intrigues. Today in such fields as food industry, medicine, car manufacturing, petrochemical products, insurance, shipping, and even monetary and economic field where witnesses to the braking of the rings of those sanctions is,” he said.
The president added that this move has enraged our enemies so much that the extremists in the United States say something new each day, and the Zionist regime, too, is very angry.
President says the illegal sanctions imposed against the country are crumbling down.
“Today we witness cruel shackles that have been imposed to limit Iran’s economic activities are being broken,” said Dr.Rouhani
“The limitations on food and in the pharmaceutical industry, the auto industry, petrochemicals, insurance, shipping and even sectors like banking have been curtailed,” he stated.
President Rouhani also noted that a large number of foreign companies and investors are keen to invest in Iran’s economy.
He also hailed the interim deal on Iran’s nuclear energy program as a great achievement which has preserved the country’s rights.

news id: 74679

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