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In a meeting with heads of universities:

President urges academics to think globally and act domestically

President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday urged Iranian academics, university students and scholars ˈto think and search globally but act domestically.ˈ

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Tue 04 - February 2014 - 13:28

Addressing meeting of heads of universities, science and technology parks, and research and training centers, the President said Iranian academics are ˈshouldering a heavy burdenˈ of continuing the path of the Islamic Revolution by building a better future for the country through national cooperation.
Referring to Iran’s November 24 nuclear deal with the Group 5+1 as a ˈgreat achievement, ˈ the President said the deal was made by ˈuniversity graduatesˈ.
ˈThose who talk and make decisions in meetings and negotiations are university graduatesˈ stressed President Rouhani.
He added that making great achievements by Iranian scholars outrages enemies, the Zionist regime in particular.

news id: 74566

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