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President visits war invalids rehabilitation center

President has visited Sarallah War Veterans’ Rehabilitation Center in the first day of anniversary of Islamic Revolution victory festivities.

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Sun 02 - February 2014 - 08:48

Dr. Hassan Rouhani congratulated the war invalids and veterans in an atmosphere described as imparting the fragrance of war trenches of the Sacred Defense (a term used to describe 8 years of Iran-Iraq war) and a guileless meeting, reminding the memory of the Imam Khomeini (RA) and the Revolution and Sacred Defense martyrs.
President Rouhani also presented the veterans with flowers, and spoke to them in an intimate meeting. The war invalids of the Center were happy to meet the president and told that they met Dr.Rouhani not as the president, but as their fellow warrior in the war fronts. They even discussed with the president economic and political developments of the country.
The war invalids expressed satisfaction that with the Cabinet of ‘prudence and hope’ assuming power, some hope and peace had been brought to the people’s lives.
President Rouhani praised the veterans and war invalids for their feat in the war fronts, who, he believed, “did great during the Sacred Defense and fought the enemy in the face of all hardships and vicissitudes as Imam’s soldiers.”
“Today, veterans and war invalids are still the Islamic Republics valuable assets and soldiers of the Supreme Leader,” added Dr.Rouhani, “what we have now in the country are thanks to the sacrifice, valor, and gallantry of war veterans and invalids.”
“Lending due and specific care to war invalids are our duties, and we would do our best to attend their demands,” Dr.Rouhani said, and that “these services by us indeed are not comparable to their feats.”
President Rouhani also met with the working staff of the Sarallah Rehabilitation Center, and congratulated them on the anniversary of Ten-Day Dawn and the Revolution. “War invalids and veterans are a great honor to the country and a valuable asset as well. They guaranteed the country’s independence against the enemies,” Dr.Rouhani addressed the staff.
Dr.Rouhani was accompanied by Hojjatuleslam Shahidi, his deputy and head of Martyrs Foundation and Hossein Fereydouni, his special aid.

news id: 74559

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