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Dr.Rouhani’s speech in a joint session with Parliament

President Hassan Rouhani said Zionist regime and the United States' anger is indicative of Iran’s success on the international scene.

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Sat 01 - February 2014 - 11:23

“Their anger and cries show the successful steps taken by the Iranian nation both in the United Nations which is an international political body and at the World Economic Forum (WEF) which is an economic center,” President Rouhani said in a joint meeting of the Iranian government and parliament Wednesday night.
He stressed that the willingness of the international companies to invest in Iran’s economy shows the success of the political epic created by Iranians during the June president election, and said, “God willing, the economic epic will be created by the great nation of Iran as well.”
“The income from the subsidies is $ 10b annually and subsidies to be paid to public are $ 14b, which means a deficit of $ 4b every month,” said Dr.Rouhani.
He pointed to a letter signed by legislators where they demanded that the second phase of targeted subsidies plan be suspended. “They are truly worried about the situation, and hence have signed the letter to warn that plan would exacerbate the recession and inflation,” added the president, “yes, we are facing unprecedented recession; we had eight subsequent years of recession with negative growth of 5.8 per cent last year.”
President Rouhani believed that the statistics of economic stagflation were quite disturbing. “Our industry sector experienced a growth rate of minus 44; investment and employment in industry sector experienced a growth rate of minus 37 per cent,” he said, and that “these figures show us how severe our stagflation is.”
President Rouhani also added that his cabinet assumed the office, inheriting an inflation of above 40 per cent. “All the government’s attempt was focused on reducing the inflation to 35 per cent. We hope to achieve this. Our objective is to reduce it further to 25 per cent in the upcoming year,” he said.
President Rouhani asked rhetorically the parliamentarians how to act in a situation of stagflation and numerous crises.

news id: 74516

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