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President in the 27th International Islamic Unity Conference:

Government opposing Islamophobia, a new war in the region

President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran as an Islamic country bears the flag of campaign against violence and extremism by focusing on the issue in the United Nations General Assembly.

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Fri 17 - January 2014 - 12:32

President Rouhani made the remarks on Friday while addressing the 27th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran.
The Iranian government held close contacts and joined hands with countries opposing a new war in the region and managed to ward off a fresh conflict, the president underlined.
“In cooperation with regional, extra-regional and certain powers, Iran managed to carry out such a big task. If Russia and Syria had not cooperated, this objective could not have been achieved,” the Iranian president said.
President says it is completely wrong to think that a government can be overthrown by propping up terrorists.
“If a government thinks that it can topple another government in the region and increase its [own] influence and power by supporting terrorists, it is 100 percent wrong,” said President Rouhani.
Dr.Rouhani said the enemies of Islam and Muslims have always pursued two evil goals: to create and to deepen rifts among Muslims.
“Big and Western powers who are after their own interests in the region and seek to get their claws on the resources of Muslim countries, particularly in the oil and gas sectors, have always followed two ominous goals, namely to deepen divisions and to spread Islamophobia in the public opinion of the world,” the Iranian president stated.
Dr.Rouhani warned that the enemies intend to “justify their military presence and political and cultural dominance over the region and make occupiers, aggressors and Zionists overcome our region.”
Referring to the foiled US bid to launch war against Syria, Dr.Rouhani said, the enemies of Islam sought to wage a new war in the region and intended to win the public opinion’s backing for new occupation, war and bloodshed in a bid to support the Israeli regime.
Dr.Rouhani stressed the importance of improving “dialog and interaction” in the Muslim world, particularly in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain and Libya.
The Iranian chief executive also pointed to the recent nuclear deal between Tehran and six major world powers in Geneva.
“Today, it is clear to the world that the Islamic Republic of Iran has not sought nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction and will never do so in the future … and that this nation and country have been a victim of weapons of mass destruction over the past years,” Dr.Rouhani stated.
The president noted that Iran’s plan labeled as World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE) was unanimously adopted in the UN General Assembly.
The plan was so comprehensive and impressive that even those opposed to it were forced to vote for it, Dr.Rouhani said.
ˈThe plan was the first step against Islamophobia long pursued by enemies of Islamˈ
The Iranian government and nation, by adopting a policy of balance and prudence, have made it clear to the world that they are after moderation, Dr.Rouhani said.
The 27th International Islamic Unity Conference opened in Tehran on Friday, bringing together local and international officials, intellectuals and scholars.
Participants at the three-day event are scheduled to discuss a whole range of issues including Muslim unity and the ongoing challenges in the Muslim world.

news id: 73941

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