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The second day of president’s first Provincial tour:

President pays tribute to army martyrs of sacred defense

President Hassan Rouhani here on Wednesday paid tribute to the memory of the army martyrs during the eight years of sacred defense.

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Wed 15 - January 2014 - 21:35

In a morning army ceremony, the President paid homage to 48,000 martyrs of the Iranian army who sacrificed their lives for defending the Islamic Republic against the invasion of the Iraqi army.
He also reviewed sample units of the army, the law enforcement and Islamic Revolution Guards Corps.
Addressing the Iranian Armed Forces, President Hassan Rouhani said he is proud to see that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has grown into a major regional power.
President underlined the country’s peace-loving nature, and said Tehran has never sought to attack any other world state.
“Iran and the Iranian nation are peace-loving and we never attacked any country and don’t seek to make aggression against any state,” said Dr.Rouhani.
He referred to the Iraqi-imposed war against Iran (1980-1988), and said, “Even during the war we defended ourselves and were defenders (not aggressors) and the war was imposed on us.”
President Rouhani underlined that Iran’s foreign policy is based on creating peace in the world, and added, “We need capable, well-trained and powerful armed forces to establish peace.”
Iranian officials have on many occasions underlined the peaceful nature of Iranians and their important role in the establishment of a just and fair order in the world.
"The IRGC could make progress during the war (i.e. the 1980-1988 Iraqi imposed war on Iran) and become the great power of the region," the president said, addressing a meeting with war veterans in the Southwestern Khuzestan province Wednesday evening.
The president said the IRGC was not equipped with good military tools, weapons, systems and structures when it was born at the beginning of the war, but it has now grown into such a great power that it has become a source of honor and pride.
"We are proud of the IRGC, the army, the Law Enforcement (police), tribal forces and above all the heroic and brave Basiji (volunteer) forces," stressed the president.
He reminded that Iran and the IRGC made all their progress alone and through the efforts of its dedicated youth, saying that Iran was alone and no one helped it during the war.

news id: 73891

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