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President Visiting Khuzestan Province

President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Ahwaz the capital of the Southwestern Khuzestan province, in his first Provincial tour on Tuesday.

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Tue 14 - January 2014 - 16:47

He is leading a delegation comprising a number of his ministers and advisers during a three-day visit to the oil-rich province.
President will travel to a number of cities and towns in Khuzestan during the visit which is his second domestic trip since his inauguration.
President will meet with provincial elites and scholars, families of martyrs, entrepreneurs, heads of Arab tribes and young groups and is to deliver speeches and hold public meetings.
President Rouhani made the remarks while addressing a large crowd of people in the southern provincial capital city of Ahvaz where he arrived earlier that Geneva deal has shown submission of the western powers to the Iranian nation’s nuclear rights and means breaking of the unjust sanctions imposed against the country.
Noting that implementation of the Geneva deal will start within coming days (January 20), the President said the “Geneva deal means international community has finally recognized Iran’s right to make use of peaceful nuclear technology which is the result of bravery and strives of young Iranian scientists.”
“Geneva deal means breaking the barrier of unjust sanctions which were imposed on the peace-loving people of Iran.”
The Iranian president further vowed to defend the nation’s interests and to strongly protect the country.
“We will determine our international relations with the rest of the world based on the national interests,” said the President.
Focusing on the issues of the province, he said that government would transform the current situation into a positive situation.
In the afternoon of his first day, the president among the elite in this province, noting that power of the nation is very crucial and effective.
President have stressed that elite should criticize the government and society, there must not be afraid of criticism.

news id: 73851

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