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President meets a group of Iranian prominent artists

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday met with a group of Iranian prominent artists and emphasized his determination to provide an appropriate situation for artistic creativity.

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Wed 08 - January 2014 - 22:53

The president said art is meaningless without freedom and artistic creativity is only possible in a free society, however, the president added, there are restrictive measures for art and before the government’s censorship, human societies themselves are the first step in restricting art to a framework.
President Rouhani said customs, social ethics, and public understandings are all factors which make borders to art.
The president added artists are not supposed to portray whatever the government or society or even the intellectuals say and at the same time they are not supposed to fight against their society or state.
Stressing that art and freedom are closely interconnected, the president said in an undemocratic society, real art will not be created and governments cannot make art with decrees and orders.
The president said his government is committed to provide an appropriate condition for art and the state tries to promote art but does not believe in state art.
Criticizing those who look at art from a security point of view, the president said art is not a menace and artists do not threaten the security of the country and the government should trust the art and artists.

news id: 73766

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