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President in a meeting with lawmakers from southern Iranian Bushehr Province:

Big powers acknowledge failure to stop Iran’s nuclear program

President Hassan Rouhani says big powers have confessed they are unable to halt Iran’s nuclear energy program.

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Mon 09 - December 2013 - 14:39

“Big powers have admitted that they are unable to stop Iran’s peaceful nuclear progress,” President Rouhani said in a meeting with lawmakers from southern Iranian Bushehr Province on Monday.
He added that his administration's policy of active interaction with the world has put forward a realistic view of Iran’s achievements and capabilities.
“You see that powers, which maintained the illusion of destroying Iran’s enrichment capability, are now admitting that they have no ability to stopIran’s industrial progress and counter enrichment in the country as this industry has been developed indigenously,” President Rouhani stated.
President Rouhani said that resistance of Iranian nation and their adherence to the guidelines of the Supreme Leader are the asset for the nation, adding that government, relying on the people and national unity will abide by the promises he gave in the election campaign.
He then touched on a devastating quake in Bushehr Province, calling on the government to go ahead with reconstruction efforts.

news id: 73333

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