President's speech at a meeting of his cabinet members with the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution

President Hassan Rouhani underlined on Wednesday that that the 11th government would use experiences and success of previous governments, while learning lessons from their failure, if any.

Wed 28 - August 2013 - 14:22

Speaking at a meeting of his cabinet members with the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in Tehran on Wednesday, he added that the government's internal policy revolves around providing necessary security in all dimensions and guaranteeing social calm and citizenship rights.
Dr.Hassan Rouhani outlined his governments domestic and foreign policies and its approach towards the ongoing condition of the country as well as regional and international developments.
He went on to say the Iranian nation has shown that it would resist sanctions and not give up its legitimate rights despite enemy pressures.
He said, The sanctions posed problems to public life; however, the pressures would arouse the public's hatred of the countries, especially the West, which have imposed the sanctions.
He said the government has candidly announced to the world that instead of sanctions, they should speak with the Iranian nation with the language of respect and dignity.
He added that internationally, the government would adopt the policy of peaceful co-existence as well as resistance.
As for the government's foreign policy and stance on current developments in the region, he said, Under such conditions, Iran will remain stable and calm while the enemies would do its best to pile up political and economic pressures in a bid to influence the society and the public.
On the conditions now prevailing in the country, Dr.Rouhani said economic pressures have created enormous problems for different sectors of the country, including banks and manufacturing institutes.
The president went on to say that his government would have three economic priorities, including providing people's essential goods, meeting sources for cash subsidy payment and raising oil and gas output.
He said a government-assigned economic commission has been tasked with identifying obstacles and finding short-term solutions to them within 15 days.
He noted that despite problems, the government is fully hopeful of the future and is determined to solve problems.
All government members are ready for self-sacrifice, devotion, serving masses and solving problems, he said.
President Rouhani thanked the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei for supporting his cabinet and lauded Majlis for giving vote of confidence to his proposed ministers.

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