President strongly condemns chemical weapons use

President Hassan Rouhani here on Saturday has strongly condemned the use of chemical weapons, urging the international community to spare no effort in preventing the use of such arms in all parts of the world, particularly in Syria.

Sat 24 - August 2013 - 10:30

He made the remarks after he and his cabinet members attended the mausoleum of the late Imam Khomeini in downtown Tehran to renew allegiance to the Founder of the Islamic Republic.
President expressed his “deep concerns and regret” over the ongoing situation in the region, particularly in Syria, where innocent people have been killed or affected by chemical weapons.
Iran, as a victim of chemical weapon, advises the international community to abandon the use of chemical weapons anywhere, particularly in Syria.
“The airstrike by the Zionist regime on Lebanon under the ongoing circumstances is also condemned and this matter shows that enemies have hatched a big plot against us and the Middle East, which is more obvious in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt than in other places,” the Iranian chief executive said.
Regional instability would only benefit the Zionist regime, he said, expressing hope that through vigilance of peace-loving people and states, the entire region would witness stability and tranquility in near future.
President has reiterated that his administration is implementing a series of prompt measures to tackle the country’s immediate economic problems in less than 100 days.
“We pledge to the people that, in the first 100 days [of the new administration’s tenure] or even less, we will take the necessary and urgent actions with regard to the economy and inform the people of the result,” said president Rouhani.
The president noted that in the course of two sessions last week, the Iranian administration made all the required arrangements to provide the basic goods needed in the country until the end of the current Iranian calendar year (ending March 20, 2014).
President Rouhani described the country’s economy as being in the situation of stagflation and noted that the administration faces “complications” to overcome the current economic problems.
“Nevertheless,” he added, “the administration is determined to form a workgroup in the first session of the cabinet this week (on Sunday) tasked with preparing in 15 days a list of all the existing obstacles in the way of economic flourishing, job creation, the establishment of small and large enterprises, economic dynamism in the sectors of industry, agriculture and public service and attending to the involvement and activation of the private sector,” president pointed out.

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