President's speech to defend the proposed cabinet nominees in Majlis

President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that all should broaden capacity to tolerate opposite opinions.

Thu 15 - August 2013 - 19:00

President Rouhani who appeared in Majlis to defend the proposed ministers after Majlis debate about their competence, said that all should have higher toleration in a bid to develop better interaction and work together.
Majlis is free to fulfill its duties and express views, he said, adding that he expects the press not to speculate unfounded stories and rather help the government carry out its responsibilities.
We recognize all the criticisms as the MPs rights, Dr.Rouhani said, noting that his administration will respect Majlis vote, whether positive or negative.
President Hassan Rouhani bitterly criticized Egyptian army for ruthless killing of the people, calling for a halt to bloodshed and respect demands of the people.
Dr.Rouhani sympathized with the great Egyptian nation over alarming death toll in Egypt with the army troops opening fire at the peaceful protesters demanding the military to respect democracy.
The Egyptian nation has adopted the path to democracy and Islam and the entire world should respect their decision, he said.
Dr.Rouhani also expressed gratitude to Majlis which discussed the proposed ministers programs patiently for four days as well as the cabinet nominees who answered the questions.

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