Majlis-Government proper interaction helpful

President Hassan Rouhani has called for interaction between the administration and Majlis to tackle the existing problems in the country, saying the legislative and executive branches of the government can jointly pave the way for progress.

Mon 12 - August 2013 - 09:17

Addressing the Majlis on Monday, Dr.Rouhani thanked the lawmakers for their week-long efforts to review the proposed ministers’ agenda, expressing hope that interaction between the administration and Majlis would continue after the formation of the new administration.
“An informed, dynamic, and persistent Majlis can guarantee the well being and success of the executive branch,” Dr.Rouhani said.
He said the lawmakers’ votes of confidence for the proposed Cabinet ministers constitute the endorsement of the administration and its plans as a whole, not only of individuals.
“We all know that our country is in a difficult economic-social situation and international pressures have added to the problems,” president Rouhani said.
Referring to the fact that the pressures have focused on the country’s economy, the Iranian president said, “The issue is not whether sanctions have been effective or not; the question is whether the method chosen by the Western countries is a correct or suitable approach to resolve an international issue.”
President Rouhani questioned the rationality and acceptability of using the basic needs of a nation as leverage to resolve an issue that can be solved through “much less costly” methods.
Elaborating on the general policies of his administration, Dr.Rouhani stressed that to tackle the current problems his administration will focus on two main goals: Firstly, overcoming international challenges, and secondly, resolving domestic economic issues and problems.
President said his administration would attempt to “overcome existing international challenges” through diplomatic channels while maintaining the country’s independence.
Dr.Rouhani added that the administration would pursue a six-month plan in order to restore stability to the country’s economy.
President Rouhani said, moderation means creating a balance between aspirations and realities.
Commenting on the 11th administration’s foreign policy, Dr.Rouhani stressed the necessity of moderate approaches and policies in order to achieve “difficult but valuable objectives.”
“I have stated many times that the administration’s foreign policy will be based on safeguarding national security, securing national interests and will serve the all-out and targeted development of the country,” the Iranian president said.
By effective interaction, he said, We mean an interaction based on mutual respect and interests on the basis of equal footings to reach Iran's proper international status.

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