President Rouhani meets Lebanese counterpart

President Hassan Rouhani stressed further promotion of Tehran-Beirut relations in a meeting Monday evening with his Lebanese counterpart Michel Suleiman.

Sun 04 - August 2013 - 22:08

Iran-Lebanon cooperation plays a significant role in restoration of peace, security and stability to the region, he said.
Praising resistance of the Lebanese people against aggression and occupation, president said their resistance was a main cause of Iranians special interest towards the Lebanese nation.
He also appreciated President Suleimans presence in his swearing-in ceremony held in the Parliament (Majlis) on August 4, adding that his presence indicated cordial and friendly relations between the two nations.
He also expressed hope that bilateral relations would be strengthened in all fields.
Meanwhile, President Suleiman said, Iran played a key role, among all regional states, in resolving regional conflicts.
Referring to President Rouhani's speech at his inauguration ceremony, he said his words were definitely considered as a new stage in holding dialogue among regional states.

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