Dr.Rouhani confers with Algerian Parliament Speaker

President Hassan Rouhani underlined the need for cooperation among regional states for solving regional and international issues.

Sun 04 - August 2013 - 14:38

In a meeting with Algerian Parliament Speaker Abdelqader bin Saleh on Sunday, he said, I met with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika eight years ago and I found him with bright opinions about bilateral ties and regional issues.
I believe that Tehran and Algiers can have excellent cooperation on regional issues, he noted.
The president voiced Iran's readiness to promote bilateral ties in various economic, cultural and political fields.
Stating that countries are facing problems, he added that foreign interference is one of the main causes of such problems with the other being that the Muslims do not use all their capabilities to solve their own problems or attain unity.
The president further pointed out Algeria which fought for its independence and freedom is a suitable state for cooperation in line with solving regional problems.
Iran with a positive attitude towards the country is prepared to expand regional cooperation with Algeria, he said.
Abdelqader bin Saleh, for his part, conveyed congratulatory message of Bouteflika to Rohani on his election as Iran's new president and said that Iran's presidential election symbolizes democracy and materializing public demands.
Describing bilateral ties in economic, cultural and political fields as ancient, he expressed his country's willingness to promote mutual cooperation and counter challenges in the region and world.
Algeria supports Iran's right to peaceful nuclear activities and will stand alongside Iran in defending Islamic Ummah, he said.
The Algerian parliament speaker was in Iran to take part in Rouhani's oath taking ceremony held on Sunday.

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