Dr.Rouhani confers with Tajik president

President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday said expansion of Iran-Tajikistan ties would be of high importance and in line with mutual interests.

Sun 04 - August 2013 - 15:09

In a meeting with his Tajik counterpart Imomali Rakhmon in Tehran, Dr.Rouhani said, Iran has been maintaining consolidated ties with Tajikistan historically and culturally and expansion of bilateral cooperation in line of mutual interests is of high importance.
He said Iranian relations with regional countries, including Tajikistan, is a model for other countries.
Common language, culture and civilization have prepared the ground for unity, cooperation and further expansion relations between the two nations.
President Rouhani said that cooperation in line with mutual interests is of importance.
He said terrorism, drugs and presence of foreign forces in the region are among important regional problems requiring cooperation among regional countries, including Iran and Tajikistan to help restore peace and security in the region.
He touched on mutual cooperation in internal forums, including the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and hoped for further expansion of the two-way ties.
Thanking the Tajik president for officially inviting him to visit Tajikistan, he hoped to visit the country in the earliest convenience.
Rakhmon in turn congratulated Rouhani on his victory and hoped for expansion of Tehran-Dushanbe relations, commissioning common economic projects. He praised Iranian progress.
Western states are not pleased with development of Iran and the Muslim World.

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