President recalls public demand from presidential election in light of religious democracy

President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday recalled public demand from presidential election in light of religious democracy established in Iran by the Islamic Revolution.

Sat 03 - August 2013 - 22:57

Addressing the endorsement ceremony, he put weight on the promises he gave in the process of election campaign and said that he would honor his promises.
“The dialogue that won the majority vote in the election was moderation,” Dr.Rouhani said at his endorsement ceremony on Saturday.
President Rouhani added that moderation is the characteristic of Iranian-Islamic culture.
“Moderation does not mean moving away from principles and conservatism against change,” president added.
He cited a verse from holy Quran and a statement from Imam Ali (AS), the first Imam of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Infallible Household, and recommending following moderation in policymaking of the government.
The president said that although the voting was held in a transparent and stable atmosphere, its results were astonishing for many.
He further noted that the elections narrowed the political, social and cultural gaps in the society.
He criticized the hostile approach pursued by the western governments against Iran imposing sanctions on Iran and said that most of the ill wishers expected a wide gap to appear between the nation and government due to the sanctions but they witnessed a massive turnout and creation of an unprecedented political epic.
Massive turnout during presidential election highlighted convergence among the nation and improved Iranian status in the region and world, he said.
Dr.Rouhani further noted that happiness, hope and confidence emerged following the vote as a new asset for the country which will not only pave the way for warding off the threats but also create new opportunities for progress and development in all the fields.

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