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Dr Rouhani in the meeting of cabinet's economic coordination board:

Gov't attempting to keep country's production cycle going/ Industry ministry should pay special attention to prices of basic goods

Referring to the preparation of executive instructions on how to repay foreign currency loans received by producers and investors, the President said, "According to the permission from the Supreme Leader, producers and investors who have received foreign currency loans from the National Development Fund, they can repay and settle their loans in Rials with the Fund by the end of year 1399".

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Tue 15 - September 2020 - 19:10

Speaking on Tuesday in the one hundred and sixty-fifth meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board, Dr Hassan Rouhani added, "With its policies and plans to strengthen investors and producers, especially the private sector, the government has tried to take special and difficult economic measures to ensure that the country's production cycle does not stop and that illegal US sanctions do not harm the country's economy".

Dr Rouhani described today's decision of the Government's Economic Coordination Board regarding the settlement of foreign currency loans of producers from the National Development Fund in Rials as an opportunity for producers who have received loans from the National Development Fund and thanked the Supreme Leader of the Revolution for supporting this project.

Referring to the new conditions for settling the foreign currency debt of companies and manufacturing companies in Rials, the President said, "These conditions can provide the basis for offering shares of many of these manufacturing companies in the stock market, which will also strengthen the capital market".

In this meeting, Dr Rouhani also called on the relevant departments to quickly complete the steps of approval and implementation of the executive instructions of this resolution and to provide the necessary information so that in the remaining months of this year, enterprises can take the necessary measures in this regard.

In this meeting, the Acting Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade presented a report on the production of basic goods in the country and automobile industry in the country and price fluctuations in the auto market.

Stating that due to the fact that the production and supply of automobile has increased in the first two months of this year compared to last year, Dr Rouhani stressed that we should not see fluctuations in the auto market and said, "Disrupting the cycle of distribution, supply and sale of goods and creating turmoil in the market disturbs both the life and livelihood of the people and the mental peace of the society".

The President stated, "The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade must coordinate with the guilds and producers to take immediate and necessary measures to regulate the prices of basic goods and items needed by the people, which have a fundamental impact on people's lives".

Dr Rouhani emphasised that in this direction, the rent-seeking intermediation system should be eliminated and the way of buying and selling for real consumers should be reformed, adding, "These measures should be taken immediately and people should be informed about this immediately".

news id: 117306

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