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Dr Rouhani speaking with Minister of Interior:

Thanking people, all those involved in holding 2nd round of elections during coronavirus outbreak/ By fully observing health protocols, we won't allow coronavirus to prevent important things from being done in the country 

The President described the holding of the second round of parliamentary elections as important and thanked all those involved, including the executive and supervisory boards, for holding the second round of parliamentary elections in some constituencies around the country.

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Sat 12 - September 2020 - 00:21

Speaking with the Minister of Interior on Friday, Dr Hassan Rouhani received a report on the process of holding the second round of elections to the Islamic Consultative Assembly in areas where elections have gone through the second round, and emphasised, "Holding the elections by fully observing health protocols and under complete security it is one of the most important measures that must be taken with the necessary sensitivities by the executive and supervisory bodies".

Referring to the report of the Minister of Interior regarding the strict observance of health protocols by the organisers of the elections and the observance of these instructions by the people in this regard, the President said, "Problems such as coronavirus cannot prevent important matters such as elections, and by fully observing the health protocols, all the necessary things can be done".  

In this conversation, Dr Rouhani also issued the necessary instructions to the Minister of Interior, as the head of the Social-Security Committee of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, regarding the implementation of health protocols and its monitoring in all matters.

Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli presented a full report on the process of holding the second round of the Islamic Consultative Assembly elections in constituencies and polling stations while speaking with the President today.

news id: 117246

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