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President at inauguration of 58 national projects in trade, industrial and special economic zones:

$134bn export from free, special zones across country during this gov't term indicates beginning of a new movement in these zones/ Governor-generals, managers of free, special economic zones shout attempt to facilitate investment in these zones/ We're in a critical situation in world, must defend Iran, Islam, our values

The President mentioned the export of $134 billion from the free and special zones of the country during the years of the government's activity as a sign of the beginning of a new movement in these zones and called on the governor generals and managers of the free and special economic zones to make every effort to facilitate investment in these areas.

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Thu 10 - September 2020 - 13:28

Speaking on Thursday in the official inauguration ceremony of 12 projects in Aras Free Zone, 11 projects in Kish Free Zone, 14 projects in Qeshm Free Zone and 21 projects in Payam, Sarakhs, Shiraz, Kaveh and Yazd Special Economic Zones, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "While we are under sanctions, activating the country's economic capital is more than ever a necessity".

The President said, "With its huge resources, diverse climate and easy conditions for investment, Islamic Iran is a valuable and attractive place for investors, and all governor generals and managers of free and special zones are ready to attract domestic and foreign investment".

Referring to the statements and instructions of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution to the heads of the branches to strengthen production in the country and remove obstacles, Dr Rouhani said, "We must provide all the necessary facilities to investors and remove production barriers in the year of 'Surge in Production'".

The President stated that free and special economic zones can play a very valuable role in solving the problems of banking, insurance and warehousing during the sanctions era, adding, "Since the beginning of the Government of Prudence and Hope, we have always emphasised that free zones should turn from importing zones into exporting zones that attract domestic and foreign tourists".

Dr Rouhani referred to the inauguration of an 80-hectare hydro-ionic greenhouse complex in the Aras Free Zone and said, "This project, as one of the hundreds of large projects inaugurated in the free and special economic zones, is one of the largest greenhouse projects in the Middle East and can create jobs and play a role in exports".

In another part of his speech, the President referred to the current special situation in the world and the World of Islam and added, "On the one hand, the Zionists are conspiring in the region, and unfortunately deceive some Muslim and Arab countries in the region, who must be sensitive towards the Palestinian issue, and at the same time, their followers recreate the path of conspiracy and insult to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in some magazines, all of which mean that we are in a critical situation in the world and we must defend the interests of Iran, Islam and our values well".

Dr Rouhani further referred to a part of the report of the Governor General of Hormozgan regarding coronavirus and said, "Some people thought that if we allow reopening of businesses and mourning ceremonies, the situation will get out of our control, but with strict observance of health protocols, according to the statistics provided, all activities are going well, and at the same time, the illness has a decreasing trend".

"Of course, the principles of protection and health must be observed until the end of the coronavirus problem, even when the vaccine arrives," said Rouhani.

The President added, "Thank God, today, in the 23rd week, we are witnessing the inauguration of a total of about 15,000, which means that the country is alive and moving on the path of pride, growth and development on the one hand, and the defeat of the United States, on the other".

 In a ceremony that was held on Thursday in the 23rd week of the inauguration of national and development projects in different regions across the country, 12 projects in Aras Free Zone, 11 projects in Kish Free Zone, 14 projects in Qeshm Free Zone and 21 projects in Payam, Sarakhs, Shiraz, Kaveh and Yazd Special Economic Zones were inaugurated at the order of President Hassan Rouhani.

These national projects were inaugurated with a total investment of 4.8 trillion tomans, 434 million euros and 4.4 million dollars.

The total employment positions that the projects inaugurated today in the free trade, industrial and special economic zones across the country is 4,412.

The inauguration of Madiran Home Appliances Factory, two production units of medical and cosmetic equipment, eight production and assembly units, and two data centres and cryptocurrency units were the total projects that were put into operation in Payam Special Economic Zone.

A total of 42,000 tonnes of cold storage and storage, Ronica Cosmetics production unit, fireproof material unit and beta cold insulation foam were the projects that were put into operation in Shiraz Special Economic Zone.

Tandise Abrisham Ceramic and Tile unit in Sarakhs Special Economic Zone, electrical and electronic goods production unit and three industrial infrastructure development projects in Kaveh Special Industrial Economic Zone, as well as wood and marine-plastic packaging unit in Yazd Special Economic Zone, were among other projects that were inaugurated by the order of the President.

The President also visited the five-star Panorama Kish Hotel, three residential complexes, Parsis Service Complex, air conditioning production project, home furniture and wood service project, an innovation centre, electricity and water infrastructure and airport access road, as well as ground and sea optical fibre infrastructure were inaugurated in the Kish Free Zone.

80-hectare greenhouse complex with hydro-ionic method, steel production project of Azarabakan Aras complex, five projects for producing greenhouses by hydro-ionic method, plan for production of ceramic containers, plan for production of simple carbon and low-alloy steel sections, as well as three garment production plans were inaugurated in the Aras Free Zone.

Dr Rouhani is also inaugurated the export terminal and oil terminal of Direstan, rural roads improvement project, 20 schools, suburban road construction operations plan, concrete plan and prefabricated concrete parts, three 65, 98 and 155-hectare sites, urban development plans and Aftab Park Camp, three hotels, as well as the Shahid Rajaei Container Terminal in the Qeshm Free Zone.

news id: 117240

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