Emphasis on accelerating implementation and operation of agreements between the two countries/ Foreign interference a serious obstacle to regional peace, stability, security/ Emphasis on continued cooperation in Astana process to establish peace, stability in Syria

The President said that despite the sanctions and the conditions caused by the outbreak of coronavirus, Iran and Turkey have tried to have active and dynamic bilateral relations, adding, "Although these conditions have created obstacles to the development of relations, especially trade and economic relations, with the efforts of the officials of both sides, these obstacles have been removed to such an extent that we hope to reach an acceptable level with more contacts and visits of the Iranian and Turkish officials”.

Tue 08 - September 2020 - 18:36

Speaking on Tuesday at the joint meeting of high-level delegations of Iran and Turkey and the Sixth Meeting of the High Level Cooperation Council between the two countries, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "Iran-Turkey agreements in various fields including cooperation in energy and petrochemicals, transportation and investment in the fields of tourism, oil and gas should be accelerated and expanded by the Joint Commission of the two countries”.

Dr Rouhani said that Iran and Turkey have always had close cooperation in regional fields, adding, "As we have repeatedly stated, it is the countries of the region and neighbours that can ensure security, stability and peace, and foreign interference can prevent this process".

The President added, "One of the important fields of cooperation between Ankara and Tehran is cooperation within the framework of the Astana process to establish stability and peace in Syria, by which we have been able to reach good agreements in the fight against terrorism with the cooperation of the friendly country of Russia, which we hope will be better implemented".

Dr Rouhani mentioned the issue of Palestine as one of the important regional issues that the two countries are concerned about, adding, "The UAE's treacherous agreement with the Zionist Regime is a threat to regional security and harms the World of Islam and the Palestinian Cause, and since Iran and Turkey have common opinions in many issues of the World of Islam, they should make a unified decision in this regard and cooperate closely on the issues of the Muslim Ummah”.

The Turkish President also said at the meeting, "Turkey is determined to develop comprehensive relations with Iran, and Ankara insists on increasing the volume of economic relations between the two countries".

Condemning the US unilateral and illegal sanctions and expressing regret that the sanctions have damaged the trade and economic relations between the two countries, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, "We hope that with the continuous holding of the Joint Commission on Cooperation between the two countries and contacts and visits between the officials of the two countries should speed up and expand this issue”.

Erdoğan said that we should be more serious about implementing the decisions of the Joint Commission, adding, "The trade and economic capacities of the two countries require the volume of relations to be much better than this level and in this regard, Turkey is always ready to invest in Iran in various fields of energy, transportation and tourism, and close customs cooperation are among the goals of Iran-Turkey relations”.

Referring to the agreement reached by some countries in the region with the occupying regime in Jerusalem, the Turkish President said, "These agreements are a clear betrayal to the World of Islam and are definitely against the interests of Muslim nations and we must all remain loyal to the Palestinian Cause".

Erdoğan also stressed the importance of the Tehran-Moscow-Ankara trilateral cooperation in the framework of the Astana process and cooperation in the fight against terrorism in the region and the establishment of peace and stability in Syria, adding, "Turkey is ready to accelerate the agreements and develop its cooperation with Iran in the fight against terrorism and regional cooperation, especially in Syria”.

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