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President in a message on the occasion of Journalist's Day:

Respecting journalists the protection of the truth/ In these difficult days, line-up against distortion is a form of self-sacrifice for the homeland and a bright face of patriotism

The President described respect for the journalist as protecting the truth, emphasising that the boundless commitment to the truth has made journalists border guards who protect public opinion against "distortion", stressing, "In these difficult days, lining-up against distortion is a form of self-sacrifice for the homeland and a bright face of patriotism".

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Fri 07 - August 2020 - 22:42

In a message on the occasion of Journalist's Day, Dr Hassan Rouhani stated, "Iran, under the maximum pressure of sanctions and the relentless pursuit of distortion, needs narrators to pull the truth out from under the heavy rubble of distortion in order to make hope based on truth, and more realistic judgments and analyses".

The President called Journalist's Day not just a celebration of a profession and an expertise, but a reminder of great values ​​such as truth-seeking and awareness-raising, adding, "In the current days when fake news and incorrect accounts have targeted the citizens' trust, we are more than ever in the need for a relentless search for reality, awareness, and biased narrative".

Pointing out that "our world and our Iran still need people who prefer the truth to any belonging and shed light on the complexities, ambiguities and darkness of our time," Dr Rouhani said, "In the conflict of narratives and in the confrontation of true and false and reliable and unreliable data, our Iran fully praises journalists who tell the whole truth, both with bitterness and success".

"We believe that awareness is a strong shield for society and a safe haven for public opinion that our future depends on the choices and the outcome of the choices, on the presence or absence of consciousness," the president wrote. 

"Journalists these days have been health advocates beyond the borders of truth," added Dr Rouhani.

"The moral commitment to awareness-raising and professional efforts to manage public opinion in a public health crisis has made journalism a cornerstone of fighting coronavirus," the president stated, adding, "Commemorating the journalists and reporters who went to meet their maker, I express my respect for the efforts of journalists during the difficult days of sanctions and coronavirus, and of course for all the last seven years, and I am confident that this final year, too, the commitment of journalists to the truth will support the government's activities".

news id: 116698

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