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President at the meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

I thank Supreme Leader’s wise statements/ Coronavirus Task Force’s health protocols for Muharram days to be announced by next week/ Health ministry should prioritize recruitment of those worked in the field of coronavirus/ Glorious Muharram mourning should be held in accordance with health protocols

Emphasising that the country's strategy against coronavirus has not changed, the president said, "All the regulations passed by the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus will remain in force until the Ministry of Health announces to the people that an acceptable vaccine is available and the situation has changed”.

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Sat 01 - August 2020 - 11:26

Speaking on Saturday at a meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani stated that the resolutions of the task force are binding on all, and clarified that strict measures should be taken until an acceptable vaccine is available.

Congratulating the people on Eid al-Adha for their cooperation with the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus in implementing health protocols to maintain their health, the President said, "The statistics and reports presented at today's meeting were promising for the situation in the provinces”.

Dr Rouhani added, "Until today, every province that has entered a period of the illness and has gone through problems has not witnessed a second peak. This is a process that people go through today in observing health principles. If this continues, there will be good news in the coming weeks".

The President continued, "For Muharram and mourning in this month, regulations have been set that will be finalised, approved and announced by next week”.

Emphasising that our strategy on the virus has not changed and is the same as the previous strategy, he said, "Educating and explaining to the people about this virus should continue to be on our agenda as a principle, and people should also observe health protocols”.

Emphasising that the person violating health protocols must be dealt with, Dr Rouhani said, "If a person does not follow health protocols and principles, he must be punished”.

The president added, "Continuing to test and identify people with the disease is the way to deal with this disease, and we must know who is the carrier, so that after identifying infected people, we can separate them from society”.

In another part of his speech, Dr Rouhani said that the speed of virus spread in some provinces has been high, adding, "The provinces have been given the necessary authority to make the necessary decisions in the provincial task forces to control and curb the virus”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised the strengthening of the health sector as one of the important issues and said, "Increasing the number of hospital beds and providing the necessary supplies and equipment, strengthening the medical and nursing staff by hiring new personnel is still our priority”.

The President continued his speech by appreciating the wise speech of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution yesterday, saying, "The very important point of his speech was that the final authority in charge of public health in the current situation is exclusively the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus".

Dr Rouhani continued, "Let's not change the address and do not go the wrong way. We are in a single house and it has a door, and that is the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, and the rules set by the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus is binding on everyone".

Referring to the necessity of holding the mourning of the martyrs in the days of Muharram with full observance of health protocols, the President said, "With the arrival of Muharram, the atmosphere in the country should be full of mourning in all streets and alleys. This year, mourning should be different and we must fully observe the health protocols that will be specified and approved and announced next week”.

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