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President at the inauguration ceremony of 10 infrastructure projects in Fars and Kermanshah:

Country's development process during this gov't pursued, especially in water and wastewater/ 99.9% of urban population, over 82% of rural population have stable drinking water/ Opening a reservoir dam every two months an honour

The President emphasised that in the government of prudence and hope, the process of development of the country has continued, especially in the field of water and wastewater, despite the sanctions of the enemies, adding, "Now we can proudly say that in the field of water, 99.9% of the urban population and more than 82% of the rural population have stable drinking water, and this is an honour for Islamic Iran".

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Thu 02 - July 2020 - 15:53

Speaking on Thursday at the official inauguration ceremony of 10 infrastructure projects and development of water and electricity in Fars and Kermanshah provinces with an investment of 1.9 trillion tomans, Dr Hassan Rouhani appreciated the efforts of managers, engineers and workers of the Ministry of Energy and the private sector, adding, "People should be lively and know that despite the pressures and sanctions, the officials and the government are always ready to serve them and reduce their problems, and in this way, they have spared no effort".

"It is very important and a source of pride that we are able to open a national reservoir dam every two months, a wastewater treatment plant every month and an urban water treatment plant every 50 days," he said.

Dr Rouhani pointed out that the total number of wastewater treatment plants in the country at the beginning years of the revolution was only 4, and this number has now reached 242 wastewater treatment plants, adding, "We also had only 27 water treatment plants in the whole country at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, and the figure has now reached 156 treatment plants, 37 of which have been inaugurated by the government of prudence and hope".

Emphasising the importance of order and precise timing in the implementation of the projects and giving the exact promise of the inauguration of these projects to the people, the President said, "The realisation of this important matter was one of my wishes, which has been achieved today in the field of water and electricity, and this gives people more happiness and hope".

Dr Rouhani stressed the importance of development projects in the western region of the country, especially in the border areas, adding, "Fortunately, a lot of great work has been done in this area, and in this regard, 53 dams have been implemented in the border areas, 24 of which have been put into operation in the government of prudence and hope".

The President referred to the valuable effects of these dams in the development of the western region and said, "Many cities in the western part of the country that benefit from these dams are among the cities that were hit by the enemy during the Sacred Defence era and some of them had even been occupied by the enemy, and these openings on the path of development are the result of the jihad and the resistance of the people of these cities during that time".

Dr Rouhani mentioned the opening of the Sharaf Shah Dam in Kermanshah and the supply of water needed by various parts of Somar, and called on the foreign and road ministers to work to turn Somar into one of Iran's trade borders with Iraq in the future.

The President added, "Somar can be an important border city for us to exchange goods with Iraq, and today an important step has been taken in this regard".

Dr Rouhani stated that by the end of this year, very good steps will be taken for the western and southern provinces such as Ilam, Kermanshah and Khuzestan, adding, "Currently, we are equipping 18,000 hectares of this region's lands, the recent reports showing that over 10,000 hectares have been prepared and the rest will be prepared this year".

At the beginning of his speech, the President congratulated Imam Reza's (AS) birthday.

Also, before the opening of solar power plants in Fars province, Dr Rouhani said, "In renewable energy, there has been a very good jump in this government and solar power plants can be a good capacity to produce clean electricity without pollution, and this is important in power plants".

Dr Rouhani also instructed the opening of Sharafshah Dam in the city of Somar in Kermanshah Province, which will provide drinking water and water for agriculture and industry to the region.

news id: 116164

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