Sat Aug 15, 2020 16:07:18
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At President's order and with an investment of 1.9 trillion tomans;

10 infrastructure and development projects in water and electricity inaugurated in Fars, Kermanshah

Following the inauguration of important national projects in various fields, the President ordered the official operation of 10 infrastructure projects in the field of water and electricity in Fars and Kermanshah provinces with an investment of 1.9 trillion tomans on Thursday.

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Thu 02 - July 2020 - 15:51

The first phase of Shiraz metropolitan water supply project includes transmission line, pumping station and water treatment plant in Shiraz, Sa'adat Shahr and Arsanjan water supply projects, the first and second units of Shiraz wastewater treatment plant No. 2 and 6 solar power plants in the province were inaugurated by Dr Hassan Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani also ordered the opening of Sharafshah Dam in the city of Somar in Kermanshah Province, which will provide drinking water, as well as water for agriculture and industry to the region.

news id: 116163

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