Opening 133 key water and power projects in 22 provinces displays Iranian people, gov’t power/ Attending elections a public duty/ One must distance from childish imaginations; major developmental achievements must be publicised

President appreciated the hard work of all Iranian workers and engineers for making a developed Iran, saying, "Opening 133 important water and power projects in 22 provinces with a value of over 20 trillion tomans in less than 4 months displays Iranian people and government’s power”.

Tue 28 - January 2020 - 10:58

Speaking on Tuesday at the opening ceremony of Phase II of Tehran’s 7th water treatment plant and electricity projects in the province, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "We had higher causes and dreams in this government, but despite the enemies’ pressures, we will not pull back and we will continue our tireless efforts for people’s welfare and prosperity and promoting justice”.

The president added, "The second phase of the Tehran’s 7th water treatment plant will supply 5 cubic meters of healthy and safe water per second to a large population of about 2 million people in the south and east of Tehran, as well as Varamin, Pakdasht, Pishva, Bagher Abad and villages and cities in this area”.

Dr Rouhani continued, "Today I am very happy that we have been able to serve the people of this region. Of course, it is our duty to do so for our dear people who have always stood by our revolution and national interests”.

The President added, "Today, after two years of the most severe sanctions and economic pressure, the people have courageously stood up to the enemies”.

Dr Rouhani said, "In the past two years, life has been difficult and of course unpredictable for everyone. There were not a lot of wise people in the world and all countries and authorities who thought that a government claiming to have the highest civilisation, democracy, and human rights to violate a treaty and begin an unprecedented oppression against a great nation”.

Stating that they are a bunch of fools who do not know the region and the Iranian nation well, saying, "They do not know how important independence is to our people; during the reign of oppression, the Iranian people have dedicated martyrs and stood for their independence and democracy”.

The President continued, "Today, the government that has taken office in the United States for a short time is oppressing not only the Iranian people, but other nations as well, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon”.

Dr Rouhani added, "They did not know that the Iranian people, and even the people of other countries in the region, were resistant nations and would stand strong”.

“Attending elections a public duty,” added the President, expressing hope that the entire Iranian nation take to the polls.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "These elections are very important for our regional and international politics and our national power. If we see flaws and misunderstandings, and some paths go wrong, we must give advice, forgive and do not forget that the goal is to attend the elections”.

Stating that we are happy that the entire nation has done a great work under years of severe sanctions, he added, "We must be proud of Iranian engineers and workers”.

He also went on to say, "One must distance from childish imaginations,” adding, "Major developmental achievements must be publicised”.

He continued, "10 million Iranians in villages will have access to healthy and sustainable drinking water with the work of the Government of Prudence and Hope”.

“Opening over 1 trillion tomans worth of projects in one day in Tehran province under sanctions is a very important achievement,” added Rouhani.

The President also went on to say, "The number of water treatment plants that have been inaugurated in this government will increase three-fold compared to previous years”.

“This is not enough. We had higher causes and dreams in this government, but despite the enemies’ pressures, we will not pull back and we will continue our tireless efforts for people’s welfare and prosperity and promoting justice,” he continued.

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