President in a meeting with IMF MD:

Iran willing to deepen ties with financial institutions, especially IMF/IMF main responsibility backing members against financial, banking sanctions

In a meeting with Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde, President Hassan Rouhani stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to deepen its relations with financial institutions, especially the IMF, and benefit from the fund’s advice.

President in a meeting with senior American media executives:

Media ultimate goal in covering news should be boosting peace, security, progress in human society/Trump must rethink his very incorrect actions against Iranian nation/Israel actions in Syria make situation in region worse/Depriving Iran of selling oil not practical, very dangerous

President Rouhani met with a number of senior media executives of the United States and emphasised the important, valuable role of public media in transferring the truth to the society, saying: “The ultimate goal of the media in covering and analysing incidents should be strengthening peace, security and progress in the human society”.

Dr Rouhani at JFK Airport:

Trip aimed at expressing Iran’s policies towards region, world

President Rouhani spoke to reporters at JFK Airport and said: “Our goal is to explain Iran’s policies towards the region and the world at these international communities”.

President arrives in New York

President Hassan Rouhani arrived in New York minutes ago to attend the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly and express Iran’s stances on the latest regional and international developments.

Cabinet issues statement condemning terrorist attack in Ahwaz, announces Monday national day of mourning

The Council of Ministers issued a statement to condemn yesterday’s terrorist attack in Ahwaz city, and announced Monday as national day of mourning.

President leaves Tehran for New York

President Hassan Rouhani left Tehran minutes ago, heading for New York to attend the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly.

President at Mehrabad Airport before leaving for New York:

Those responsible for catastrophe in Ahwaz foreign mercenaries/We know its perpetrators, instructors, Iran won’t leave it unanswered/Human rights advocates must be accountable

Speaking on Sunday at Mehrabad Airport before leaving for New York to attend the 73rd United Nations General Assembly, Dr Hassan Rouhani told reporters: “This visit is to attend UNGA 73 in New York, and like previous years, this is an opportunity and a public tribune for our country by which the Islamic Republic of Iran can express its opinion on international and regional issues”.

President at ceremony marking beginning of academic year:

Our faith, belief, lifestyle, behaviour begin from home, school/Home-school gap must get smaller/School the meeting point of today and tomorrow/All progress, resistance, steadfastness depends on school

Speaking at a ceremony marking the beginning of academic year, President said, “Our faith, belief, lifestyle and behaviour begin from home and school,” adding: “School is the place for science, knowledge, learning skills and getting ready for entering the society and we should trust students for doing great things”.

97-98 academic year begins with President ringing bell

The 1397-98 academic year officially began on Sunday with President Hassan Rouhani ringing the bell at Etrat Girls High School in Tehran.

Following Ahwaz terrorist attack;

President makes phone call with Interior Minister, Khuzestan Governor General/Ordering security forces’ rapid address, decisive punishment of all terrorist elements, treatment of the injured

Following the terrorist attack in Ahwaz this morning, the President had telephone conversations with Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli and Governor General of Khuzestan province Gholamreza Shariati, and was briefed on the latest reports on the terrorist attack this morning in Ahwaz and the process of identifying and handling the situation of the wounded in the province and issued the necessary instructions.

President in an article in the Washington Post:

Can America be trusted?

In an opinion article in the Washington Post, President Hassan Rouhani stated that, “Can America be trusted?” emphasising: “We are committed to talks and dialogue and that’s why we entered the negotiations on the nuclear issue in the first place, and ultimately arrived at a solid and mutually beneficial deal. The proof of good intentions on the part of all parties to the deal, particularly the United States, lies in the honest and full compliance with its provisions”.

Dr Rouhani felicitates Armenian President, PM on Independence Day

In separate messages to President and Prime Minister of Armenia, President Rouhani congratulated Independence Day of Armenia and expressed hope that with common cultural and historical bonds between the two countries Tehran-Yerevan relations would further deepen in all fields.

President addressing armed forces’ parade ceremony:

Sacred Defence era alive forever, guiding us/We’ll boost our defensive power every day/We know the value of our missiles with your pressures/We’ve always been guardians of Persian Gulf, Oman Sea, Indian Ocean, Bab-el-Mandeb; what are YOU doing here?

President stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran will increase its defensive power every day, and with your pressures, we know the value of our missiles more than before, saying: “We learn love from Karbala and dignity and steadfastness from Ashura”.

President forwards act on banning re-employment of retired employees

President Hassan Rouhani forwarded an act passed by the parliament regarding ban on re-employment of retirees to “Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organisation”.

At the meeting of Supreme Council of Economic Coordination;

Crude oil supply plan in foreign currency approved at energy exchange/Basic goods strategic stores to increase

The Supreme Council of Economic Coordination was held on Tuesday in a session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani.