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President in a meeting with Omani parliament speaker:

Iran determined to deepen ties with Islamic countries, including Oman/We welcome Omani investors' activities in Iran/Enemies of Islam seek their interests in discord among Muslims; we must unite

President Rouhani met with the speaker of the parliament of Oman and stressed that the enemies do not want Islamic countries to be united and integrated, adding: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is firmly determined to deepen brotherly, inclusive ties with Islamic countries, including Oman".

President in a cabinet session:

Lack of proper understanding of developments in cyberspace leads to generation gap/We must try not to let country fall behind global cyberspace economy/Effective use of cyberspace essential

The Council of Ministers convened on Wednesday in a session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani and discussed the report of the National Centre of Cyberspace regarding "Cyberspace Economy".

President in a meeting with Syrian Parliament Speaker:

Iranian gov't, nation to always stand by Syrian gov't, nation/ The new US plot against int'l law, a conspiracy against territorial integrity, security of Syria, region.

The president met with the Speaker of the People's Council of Syria Hammouda Youssef Sabbagh on Tuesday and emphasised that the two countries should boost efforts to develop and strengthen close, inclusive relations between Tehran and Damascus.

Dr Rouhani in a meeting with Algerian Parliament Speaker:

Iran ready to deepen ties with Algeria

Speaking at the meeting with the Speaker of People's National Assembly of Algeria Said Bouhadja, President Rouhani referred to the developing relations between the two friend and revolutionary countries, saying: "We must work towards full development of relations and partnerships".

President in a meeting with Senegalese parliament speaker:

Iran, Senegal determined to cement ties, cooperation/US President's view of African people condemned/World of Islam needs more unity, brotherhood

President Rouhani met with the President of the National Assembly of Senegal Moustapha Niasse on Tuesday and described Tehran-Dakar relations brotherly and friendly, saying: "The two countries are determined to cement ties and cooperation".

President in a meeting with Qatari Parliament Speaker:

Iran to always stand by the Qatari government, nation /Disagreement among neighbours must be resolved by dialogue

President Rouhani emphasised that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been and will stand by the Qatari government and nation, adding: "Today, there is determination for the development of relations and cooperation between the officials of the two countries, and we must take advantage of the potentials and capabilities to deepen Doha-Tehran relations".

President in a meeting with Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament:

Tehran welcomes deepening close, strategic ties with Baghdad/Developing banking relations a base for promoting economic ties

President Rouhani described deepening ties with Iraq as a great, influential country in the region important for Iran, saying: "Tehran welcomes deepening close, strategic ties with Baghdad"

Dr Rouhani at 13th Session of the PUIC Conference:

Islamic parliaments should work for development of the World of Islam/ Islam the religion of democracy and peace, not the religion of war /The way to deal with World of Islam challenges is not appealing to foreign powers / We back constructive interaction, equal footing of World of Islam with others

Urging the representatives of Muslim people at legislative assemblies of Islamic countries to do their utmost to help their leaders and political authorities to boost the spirit of fraternity and development-oriented unity, the President emphasised that "Islam is the religion of democracy and peace, and not war".

Stressed in an announcement by President's office;

Attributing the sentence that "Even Imam Mahdi (PBUH) can be criticised" to President is an absolute lie /Purposeful fragmentation, falsification of President's remarks by a political figure/Believing in prophets and the Infallibles' (AS) infallibility an undeniable certainty in Shia

The Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran made an announcement in a reaction to untrue words about President's speech at the meeting of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and his deputies, stressing that attributing the sentence that "Even Imam Mahdi (PBUH) can be criticised" to President is an absolute lie.

In a cabinet session chaired by President Rouhani;

Cabinet discusses air pollution in metropolises, measures taken/Cabinet tasks industry ministry to draft plan for improving public transportation in metropolises

The Council of Ministers convened on Sunday in a session chaired by President Hassan Rouhani and discussed air pollution in metropolises and the measures taken to tackle the issues, including removing obstacles on the way to solve the problem.

With heads of executive and legislative branches taking part;

Joint meeting of gov't economic board, Majlis integration commission held

The Joint meeting of the Economic Board of the Government and the Board of Directors of the Integration Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly was held on Sunday with the Head of the Executive Branch, President Rouhani and the Head of the Legislative Branch, Ali Larijani taking part.

President sends condolences over Iranian oil tanker crew's passing

President Rouhani offered condolences to the families of the crew of the Iranian oil tanker, Sanchi, over their passing and stressed: "It is now necessary that the top priority be focused on identifying the bodies and reduce the pains of their families".

President in a phone call with Iranian labour minister in China;

Stressing access to Iranian tanker crew/Emphasising continuous, direct reports to president/ Continuing negotiations, foreign ministry support for getting needed help from neighbouring countries

President Rouhani had a phone conversation with the Minister of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare, who is now in China to facilitate saving Iranian oil tanker's crew, and stressed: "All required measures and facilities must be mobilised to find out about the tanker's crew and access them as soon as possible".

At the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the National Development Fund chaired by Dr Rouhani;

Morteza Shahidzadeh elected as new chairman of NDFI's executive board / Appreciating Ahmad Doost Hosseini's efforts/ FX interest rate cut for Iranian investors

The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the National Development Fund of the Islamic Republic of Iran (NDFI) was held on Saturday under the chairmanship of President Dr Hassan Rouhani.