President condoles Ayatollah Seyyed Jafar Karimi's passing

President sent a message to express condolences over the passing of Ayatollah Seyyed Jafar Karimi, head of Supreme Leader's Treatise Council and Member of Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom.

President in cabinet session:

Gov't backing forerunners of health with all its might/ National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus decisions made after discussions at specialised committees/ Today not a time for political war

President stated that the decisions at the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus are made after discussions at specialised committees, adding, "To date, we have not made any decision without it being discussed at specialised committees".

President in a meeting with top experts in different medical fields on coronavirus:

We must tap all experiences around world/ I call on all experts to help us/ We're seeing tangible effects of Healthcare Reform Plan in today's special conditions/ All efforts must be exerted for building anti-corona vaccine, drug

President had a meeting with the highest experts in the fields of infectious, viral and respiratory diseases, emergency medicine, immunology, virology and epidemiology on Saturday evening through videoconferencing, and appreciated the hard work and devotion of all doctors, nurses and medical staff throughout the country.

President at the session of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

Public cooperation for overcoming coronavirus biggest new-year present/ Infrastructures fully strong for fighting COVID-19/ All our grocery stores active/ I hope we won't need to fine anyone in implementing social distancing plan

President described the implementation of the social distancing plan essential for overcoming the coronavirus quicker, saying, "We must appreciate this people for staying home and not travelling because of respecting each other's rights".

President in separate phone calls with ministers of health, petroleum, interior:

Nowruz travellers' return must not create congestions in city entrance, exit/ Issuing key instructions for ensuring petrol stations stay active

President had separate phone conversations with the ministers of 'Health and Medical Education', 'Petroleum' and 'Interior' and stressed precise implementation of Social Distancing plan, issuing the necessary instructions for each ministry.

Dr Rouhani in a videoconference with governor generals and health officials in 4 provinces:

People should stay home, observing health protocols/ Health ministry, gov't doing their best to meet health centres' needs/ President talks with Afghan patient diagnosed with COVID-19

President talked with governor generals and health officials of Qazvin, East Azerbaijan, Alborz and Yazd provinces through videoconferencing and received reports on the measures taken to fight the outbreak of coronavirus.

President at Gov't Economic Board for looking into coronavirus outbreak impacts:

75 trillion tomans of loans to be allocated to businesses hurt by coronavirus/ $1bn from NDFI to be allocated to health sector needs if agreed/ Storages enough, can supply needs/ Thanking good planning for fighting coronavirus

Speaking on Thursday at the session of the Government's Economic Board for looking into the impacts of the outbreak of coronavirus, President said that the government has considered low-interest loans for those businesses that have been hit by the outbreak of the virus.

President condoles Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah on his mother-in-law’s passing

President sent a message to Secretary-General of Hezbollah Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah to offer him condolences over the passing of his mother-in-law Hajiah Raoufah Noorodin.

President in a videoconference with governor generals, heads of coronavirus task forces in three provinces:

Supplying healthcare equipment for medical staff in hospitals top priority/ Dear medical staff’s health must be fully ensured/ Stressing the importance of accelerating relief process in flood-hit areas

In a videoconference meeting with the governor generals and heads of coronavirus task forces in Kerman, Hormozgan, and Sistan and Baluchistan provinces on Wednesday, president was briefed on the latest situation in the provinces regarding the recent floods and measures taken for fighting coronavirus.

President at cabinet session:

Fighting dangerous coronavirus, supplying people’s needs among gov’t recent work/ We haven’t had shortage of beds, doctors, nurses so far/ Thanking health system for supplying COVID-19 patients’ needs

President said that successful implementation of any programme in the country requires people’s cooperation and help, stressing that the fight against the dangerous coronavirus and supplying people’s basic needs are among the government’s main work in the recent days and weeks.

President condoles Hajiah Seyedeh Ezzat Khamooshi’s passing

President sent a message of condolences over the passing of Hajiah Seyedeh Ezzat Khamooshi, the mother of Martyr Mohammadreza Lolachian.

President speaking with governor generals of Khorasan Razavi, Tehran:

Reduction in the number of people in Mashhad indicates people’s cooperation/ Together we will overcome this problem/ Thanking Astan Quds Razavi and clerics

The president on Tuesday, following the session of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, held a videoconference with the governor generals of Khorasan Razavi and Tehran regarding the latest developments in the two provinces in terms of efforts to curb the outbreak of the virus and to treat patients.

President at the session of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

Decreasing number of hospital check-ins, death toll indicate important measures taken/ All businesses, gatherings previously declared closed to remain closed until April 3/ Prisoners’ furlough to be extended until April 19

President appreciated people for heeding the health recommendations and the warnings of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus and thanked the devotion and self-sacrifice of all medical staff in the country, stressing that it is still imperative to keep contacts minimal and reduce travels to the least possible.

President in a phone call with his Tunisian counterpart:

Today, protecting humans' lives needs global cooperation, work/ US' unjust sanctions against Iranian nation against humanitarian, UN regulations

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that seizing the opportunity of the formation of new government in Tunisia a good opportunity for developing relations and cooperation between the two countries and stressed the need to further deepen ties in all fields of mutual interest.

President in a videoconferencing with relief station, a number of health centres and production units:

Checking temperatures, carrying out essential examinations of travelers must take place in shortest time possible

President contacted with Red Crescent relief station situated in Tehran-Qom toll station, Ayatollah Khansari Hospital in Arak and a hygiene and detergent products factory in Kordestan Province through videoconferencing and received reports from them regarding measures taken to manage and fight coronavirus.