At the session of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution chaired by Dr Rouhani;

7 universities’ new presidents appointed

The Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution was held on Tuesday evening in a session that was chaired by Dr Hassan Rouhani.

President in a meeting with governor-generals from around the country:

Finishing projects, saving based on budget priorities imperative/ Calling on governor-generals to visit families, individuals affected by recent incidents

In a meeting with governor-generals from around the country, President explained the political and economic situation of the country as well as international relations, and stressed the importance of coordination and efforts for strengthening the relationship between governor-generals and people.

President appoints Mr Esmaeil Najjar as Chief of National Disaster Management Organisation of Iran

Dr Rouhani appointed Mr Esmaeil Najjar as ‘Chief of National Disaster Management Organisation of Iran’ for a five-year period.

President while presenting year 1399 budget bill to parliament:

Current year’s budgets paid in time in the past 9 months despite sanctions intensification/ Enemies to become disappointed/ Gov’t taken considerable steps in macroeconomics/ Figures show our economic growth, except oil, positive

Stressing that the figures and estimates show that this year’s economic growth, except for oil, has been positive, the President said, "In the past 9 months and despite the intensification of sanctions and pressures, the current budgets have been paid in time and 34 trillion tomans of development budget has also been paid so far”.

 Council of Ministers approves year 1399 budget bill

The Council of Ministers convened on Wednesday and approved the provisions of year 1399 budget bill.

At President's order;

Commission for evaluating recompensing citizens' losses in recent incidents formed

President Rouhani has ordered the formation of a commission for evaluating how citizens' losses in the recent unrest should be recompensed.

President in a meeting with Azerbaijani Dy PM:

Tehran, Baku taken wise steps in cementing ties/ Stressing full implementation of joint projects/ Iran seriously follows joint projects on oil exploration, extraction

President described having common cultural and historical roots as a good opportunity for further development of Tehran-Baku relations, saying, "The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan have been able to take very good steps in development of relations by relying on wisdom and tactfulness".

President addressing the disabled:

Serving persons with disabilities an honour for us/ There must be no social, working and scientific limitations for the disabled/ Instructing labour minister to remove limitations/ Private messages for talks against their slogans in the public, intermediary Europeans know this

President described serving and working for persons with disabilities as an honour for the government and said, "It is our duty to teach skills to the disabled and empower them, as well as to create equal opportunities and an environment for them so that they can continue their life and social activities with ease".

Dr Rouhani in a meeting with Omani Foreign Minister:

Regional states should play an active role in region's security/ Oman can be a centre for Iran's trade in region/ Europe, US interested in peace in Yemen, seeking to sell arms/ No way other than brotherhood, friendship between nations

Referring to the friendly, close relations between Iran and Oman, the President emphasised the efforts of the two countries to further strengthen Tehran-Muscat trade and economic relations and to develop cooperation to serve regional security and stability.

At the cabinet's extraordinary sessions chaired by Dr Rouhani;

42k-rial to dollar exchange rate approved for basic goods, medicine, medical equipment

On the third day of the cabinet's extraordinary sessions, the Council of Ministers approved allocating the dollar at the exchange rate of 42,000 rials for providing basic goods, medicine and medical equipment.

Dr Rouhani in a message on International Day of Persons with Disabilities:

Gov’t attempting to prepare proper ground for implementing Act of Supporting Disabled Persons’ Rights/ Gov’t put backing the disabled on priority

President sent a message on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and stressed that the government is attempting to prepare the proper ground for implementing the provisions of the Act of Supporting Disabled Persons’ Rights.

President condoles Dr Velayati’s sister’s passing

President Rouhani sent a message to Senior Advisor to the Supreme Leader Dr Velayati to offer him condolences over his sister’s passing.