President felicitates Indonesian President on re-election

President sent a message to the President of the Republic of Indonesia to offer him congratulations on his re-election for the second term in office, and expressed hope that relations between the two countries further deepen in his new tenure.

In a cabinet session chaired by President;

Economy minister reports on business status/ Signing contract for Shalamcheh-Basra Railway project authorised

The Council of Ministers convened on Wednesday in a session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani, and was briefed by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance regarding the status of business in Iran.

President at the session of Administrative Council of West Azerbaijan Province:

Iran symbol of resistance, people's faith against blasphemy/ Agriculture on track towards great development/ Extremists, Zionists, anti-revolutionaries misled US gov't/ US' current actions against Iranian nation crime against humanity/ US war not with gov't, but with 82m Iranians

President described the United States' war not with the government, but with 82 million Iranians, and stated that the Americans have repeatedly failed in the same path, but they are doing it again, saying, "The United States' current actions against the Iranian nation are not just war and sanction, but crime against humanity".

At president's order through videoconferencing;

22 infrastructural, economic projects open in West Azerbaijan Province

President Hassan Rouhani ordered the opening of 22 infrastructural and economic projects in West Azerbaijan Province.

President at the opening ceremony of water and soil resources development projects:

Iran’s development today the result of unity among all ethnic groups, minorities/ Opening major projects decisive response to those who think Iranian nation yields to them under pressure/ Pressures may make situation tough, but Iranian nation won’t yield to bullies

President described Iran’s current development the result of unity among all ethnic groups and minorities, saying, “Opening of major projects is our decisive response to those who think that the Iranian nation yields to them under pressure”.

In the presence of Dr Rouhani through videoconferencing;

Water, soil resources development projects start operation in West Azerbaijan

Water and soil resources development projects started operation in border areas of West Azerbaijan Province in the presence of Dr Rouhani through videoconferencing.

Karam Abad Storage Dam starts filling in Dr Rouhani’s presence

The filling of Karam Abad Dam in Poldasht County, West Azerbaijan Province began at President Hassan Rouhani’s order.

In order to open infrastructural, economic projects;

President arrives in Maku, West Azerbaijan

President arrived in Maku County, West Azerbaijan Province in order to open infrastructural and economic projects.

President in a meeting with clerics and seminarians:

Clergy pioneer in defending national interests, World of Islam/ Gov’t trying to help low income classes more/ All authorities unanimous about resisting US, sanctions/ We’ll open 4-trillion-toman project in West Azerbaijan Province

President described the role of the clergy in defending the national interests of the country and the World of Islam remarkable, saying, “The clergy have always had a valuable role in religion, science and culture, as well as guiding people and reducing discords in the society”.

President instructs executive organs to facilitate domestic, foreign investment

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran instructed executive organs to facilitate the process of domestic and foreign investment and remove the unnecessary obstacles, especially redundant regulations.

President in a meeting with students and the young:

We’ve overcome hardships wherever we had young generation/ Youth NGOs have increased to 2600 from 100 in this gov’t/ No power higher than our nation, young generation/ Today, gov’t approved bill to back start-ups, technology-related businesses

Speaking on Sunday evening in a cordial meeting with a number of students and the young, President said, “May 19 is the reminiscent of the Iranian nation and the young generation’s massive turnout in elections”.

In a cabinet session chaired by President Rouhani;

Instructions for backing start-ups in digital economy approved/ “National Document of Good Work and Employment Policies Based on Good Work” approved

The Council of Ministers convened on Sunday evening and discussed and approved the Document on Development of Digital Economy to support start-ups working in the ICT sector.

President in a meeting with practitioners of the arts and culture:

Artists should strengthen social asset through arts/ Hope of future, vitality our society’s current needs/ We’ll never yield to enemies’ bullying behaviour/ We favour logic, negotiation

Stressing the important role of culture and art, especially during the current critical conditions of the country, President said, “The most important need of our current society is hope of future and vitality”.

At the session of Supreme Council of Economic Coordination;

‘Facilitating Production’ project approved to boost production/ ICT minister reports on communication technologies

The Supreme Council of Economic Coordination convened on Saturday in a session that was chaired by President Rouhani, and with heads of Judicial and Legislative branches taking part.

President appoints Mr Baqeri Asl as ‘Secretary of Executive Council of Information Technology’

President Hassan Rouhani appointed Mr Reza Baqeri Asl as ‘Secretary of Executive Council of Information Technology’.