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President after the meeting of heads of branches:

Cooperation, coordination between the three branches can always help to solve country's problems faster/ Reviewing country's key issues

After meeting with Head of the Judiciary Hojjatolaeslam val-Moslemin Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi and Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly Dr Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the President stated that the most important issues of the country and mainly economic issues were discussed in this meeting.

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Sun 13 - آذر 2020 - 22:16

Dr Hassan Rouhani told reporters on Sunday evening, "This meeting of the heads of the three branches is the first meeting after the formation of the 11th parliament".

"The cooperation and coordination of the three branches can always help to solve the country's problems faster, and without a doubt, the parliament and the judiciary can work with the government on many issues, especially in today's special situation, which we face with maximum sanctions and coronavirus," said Rouhani.

In this joint meeting hosted by the President, Dr Rouhani referred to the issues discussed and stated, "In this meeting, we talked about the issue of foreign currency and how to return non-oil export currency incomes to the country's economic cycle, the issue of the country's liquidity, and what programmes should be implemented sooner".

He continued, "Good discussions were held to direct liquidity with the aim of reducing inflation, ways to boost investment and remove barriers to production, which has always been emphasised by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution".

The President continued to say that discussing regional issues was another topic of the meeting and added, "Part of this meeting was also dedicated to reviewing regional issues and US and Zionist plots and conspiracies".

Referring to the continuation of these meetings, Dr Rouhani said, "In the coming meetings, we will finalise the issues that we raised in today's meeting, and this coordination and resolution of these issues will undoubtedly affect people's economic and social conditions".

At the same press conference, Head of Judiciary Hojjatolaeslam val-Moslemin Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said, "Cooperation of all branches and alignment of all capacities of the country is an inevitable necessity".

He continued, "We must raise hope among the people through our actions in all areas of executive, legislative, judicial, supervisory and our follow-up work".

Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly Dr Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said, "There is a heavy burden on the government's shoulders and the esteemed President".

He continued, "We will all help the government to implement its programmes in settling economic issues and reducing people's problems".


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