Thu Jul 2, 2020 14:15:35
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In a phone call between the Presidents of Iran and Croatia;

Emphasis on the development and deepening of Tehran-Zagreb ties/ ​​Europe must take serious stances against US anti-human actions

In a telephone conversation on Monday, the Presidents of Iran and Croatia stressed the need to develop and deepen relations and cooperation, and stressed the need for all countries to work together to fight coronavirus, which has affected almost every country in the world.

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Mon 27 - تیر 2020 - 20:28

The Presidents of Iran and Croatia also expressed their condolences to the people of the two countries in the difficult conditions of the outbreak of coronavirus, and called for sharing of experiences and capabilities in combatting the disease.

In the telephone conversation, the two presidents also stressed the need for all countries in the world to cooperate and help each other in today's difficult situation and to confront the unilateral behaviour of some countries.

Referring to the illegal, irrational and inhumane behaviour of the United States in withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and imposing sanctions and maximum pressure on the Iranian nation, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "Continuation of this behaviour is an inhumane act, and Iran expects European countries to take serious stances against such behaviours".

Referring to the good relations between the two countries and the importance of developing and deepening relations with Iran, the Croatian President said, "As a country with a long history and civilisation and an exceptional position in the region, Iran is of special importance for Croatia".

Zoran Milanović called the US move to increase sanctions and pressure on Iran in these difficult circumstances inhumane and wrong.

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